Vrtačky po desáté hodině is an experimental and noise music project of Ľubomír Panák (DRAKH) a Slovak programmer, photographer, musician and sound artist (since 2008). He has been also active in the Slovak experimental music scene as a live DJ and an author of remixes. He is a member of the Slovak electronic group ANGAKKUT and plays bagpipes, fujara, flute and pipes in a folklore ensemble GYMNIK. His photos depict mostly urban spaces and his (interactive) digital pieces use intermedial connections and computational possibilities.

Together with Zuzana Husárová, he has created several digital interactive pieces. Their works cross the media boundaries and addresses interactivity, computational possibilities, experience with narrativity, emotionality and haptics in the postdigital age. Their pieces have appeared in several American journals, like Drunken Boat and BathHouse Hypermedia Journal.

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