Collaboration of Julo Fujak and J. B. Kladivo.

“Fluff modulation, modulation by fluff tells four stories about not quite sure reality. It is about borders between worlds and perception. Fluff Modulation contemplates on what we actually can and cannot capture and what we can only guess about. Anticipation of the end of „nice“ days and catatonically mortifying prosperity is floating through the whole story. Souls are sitting on the roofs, they want to occupy human bodies no more, but they somehow still keep their interest in our struggle, anyway.”

Ján Boleslav Kladivo

If there is fuzzy semiotics, we can probably talk also about semiosis of fluff modulation – about creative and meaningful teeming of those things most people do not notice at all. Fluff modulation is maybe trying to articulate nonverbally a touch with the „in betwen“, the things between apparent and non-apparent. I was glad to participate on this project, which is primarily based on Kladivo´s ideas, because of the opportunity to keep an unpredictable dialogue with him as well as with everything, what was happening on the screen and yet without any inclination to turn the disturbingly and remarkably banal into something unsoundly poetical.

Julo Fujak

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