Noise saxophone duo and series of conceptual live performances by the composers and sax players Miro Toth and Alexander Platzner, sometimes with theatrical elements.

“They say music is dead. Yes, indeed!

My Live Evil is what it is—pure live evil. An iconoclastic duet of saxophones that proves there is still a lot of music to be smashed down.
Platzner and Tóth are wild; they come with decadence rarely seen. Indulging themselves in evil destruction, they give the audience what they came for.
My Live Evil puts together free improvisation, dead recordings of the East European pop music, invasive estrade, and totalitarian intimidation while geometrically multiplying the saxophone layers.
It all started with Platzner and Tóth playing with the accompaniment by Arturas Bumsteinas (launched this year as an eponymous MC by Nomad Sky Diaries). The recent recordings (Hier beginnt der Holokaust, Hergott is not dead, the same label) feature four and sixteen layers of pre−recorded saxophones, respectively and the long − awaited fourth session PRORA in the POLE is to include two hundred and fifty − six saxophone layers.
What is it all good for? Platzner and Tóth found how the music can have a psycho−hallucinogenic effect on the audience. They found out how the music can be painful. They are evil; they are your live evil.”

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