Experimental / avant-garde / cutting-edge / advanced songwriting / improvised / post-genre / contemporary classical / outer limits records of 2013 by Slovak musicians:

900piesek – my blood is your wine
Aidan Zaal – Posthumanist Love
Andrej Danóczi – 13 0410
Andrej Danóczi – Krajina bez bieleho bicykla
Andrej Danóczi – Mandragora 1
Angakkut – Unshaped Unspoken
András Cséfalvay – Funeral the Musical and another tabletop opera
Binmatu – Crystylys
Burlas / Kladivo / Zagar feat. Marcela Derevencová – Čierny film
Brada – Dextrin
Daniel Kordík – [Sy][ria]
Drén – …A Anna Naše Svedomie Nebude Čisté
Herzog Herzog – Sitzfleisch.
Jack Jack – Jack Jack 001 + 002
Jacques Kustod – Hit The Lights (reel to real)
Jonáš Gruska – Солнце
Jonáš Gruska – CAA#9
Jonáš Gruska – Site Specific Resonances II
J. B. Kladivo – Nekonečno neostré je z dvier
Martin Burlas – Konečne plač
Noise Mortanna / Phantasm Nocturnes – Two Ways Of Pain Part 20
OMM – */
Phragments – New Kings and New Queens
Poo – Sounds of Mana (Chapters 03-09)
Rentip – Daily Routines
Rentip – Football Faust – original soundtrack
Strom Noir / Spheruleus – Morning
Strom Noir – Tanec Rusaliek
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – SLOBODNY NEZAVISLY ALBUM
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – živšie to už nebude
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – S.W.A.G.
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – Európske hlavné épéčko kultúry
.soundscapes – Tides of Voltage
Stroon – Impermanence
Škvíry & Spoje – Stanica Žilina-Záriečie
Škvíry & Spoje – FonoKlub
Theatrum Spirituum / 777 Babalon – Metacosmic SPLIT
THE S.I.F.O.R.K. – Never Ending Circle Of Inspiration
Totalitny Rezim – Koncert v Praze
Totalitny Rezim – Closed Ward Memories
T.R.I.v.M. – Kiss Of Psychosy
T.R.I.v.M. – Signals
T.R.I.v.M. – Nonseances
Udokier / Noise Mortanna / Taklamakan
Veni Academy – Rolling tones
VooDooMan – Voices from Antidimension
YAO91404D / DRÉN
Zelený Antoin – Zelený Antoin

Compiled by Slavo Krekovic / KRAA.SK.


Live from Kasarne Kulturpark
24/03/2011, Košice

Conductor: Daniel Matej
Ensemble: Musica falsa et ficta:
Alto sax: Miro Tóth
Trombone: Miki Havrila
Trumpet: Robo KoláŘ
Drums: Adam Matej
El. synth/effect : Slávo Krekovič
El. bass: Peter Čaputa
Cello: Andrej Gál
Vibraphone: Dalibor Kocián
Vocal: Tobiáš Potočný

Daniel Matej – Structures, Pages and Improvisations / excerpt

Seijiro Murayama – 69(2)72(2)18(2)43(2)5(1)8549(2)6327(2)1(1)312(2)587(2)946(2) / excerpt

Martin Burlas – C Durable / excerpt

There are also some pictures from the show.


New album of live recordings by Voice Over Noise, the ‘live plunderphonic’ trio from Bratislava, is out now on Divis. It mostly features material identical to live concert programme performed by the band over the last 3 years, but much of it is also based on live improvisations. Recorded in stereo, no overdubs.

There are also couple of nice pictures from the show at the release party @ A4 – Zero Space (featuring also DJ Sniff and the trio SKIF++ from Amsterdam).

Listen to some mp3s from the album here:

Aria Courtesy Of
O Art, Where Art Thou?

For mailorders, promo copies and distribution please contact distribucia(at)34.sk.


On 30th April, a special performance with Dalibor Kocian (vocals)… who is, unfortunately, located in the off-screen space on the right. The whole concert was only about 18 minutes long.



In November 2009, improvisational symphonic orchestra Musica falsa et ficta played a set at Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, the independent cultural centre. Here you can enjoy the performance:

Musica Falsa et Ficta from stanica on Vimeo.