Totalitny rezim was born in Slovakia 1990 from projects by A.H.Jagelsson “TRAFO”-1987 and “VAN DER JAGLOV REZISTOR”-1989 for making experimental sound and industrial noise psychosy…
The production of TOTALITNY REZIM INDUSTRIAL MUSIC (Totalitarian Regime) during the past twenty years can be characterised as a collection of sounds, murmurs, various shades of noise, silence,whispers and howls.A grinding machine, jackhammer,water droplets, or a mix of new media – a total recycling! With traces ofthe melody remaining or varyingaccording to the present moment,an autonomous sound with visual output is created. By following the principle of total freedom and improvisation,every group member works with a self-controlled and ambivalently violent feeling of balance and decomposition. The Jagelsson’s extraordinary texts are a brief draws of dadaism, existencialism, Slovak dictionary, chemistry, psychology, esthetics, art historyand fly sheets. All this connects in the social, profit-making and consumer industrialism. Life on the edge or beyond the edge of everyone’s own schizophrenia.

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