Sekatshi dobrotti are a random selection from infinite space of possibilities of musical composer and keyboardist Peter Machajdík, violinist Peter Krajniak and musician and theater director Jozef Vlk.

Peter Krajniak was studying violin on conservatory in Bratislava, VŠMU and at Academy of art in Banská Bystrica. He was concert master in Komorní sólisti Bratislava, he was a member of Musica Aeterna, Veni Ensemble, Haydn Sinfonietta Wien and he is a member of Solamente Naturali. Apart from classical violin, he also interprets baroque music on instruments of that time and plays electronic violin on parties with DJs.

Peter Machajdík creates and works with important people from international music scene, as are Jon Anderson from legendary art-rock group Yes, extreme vocalist and drummer David Moss, harpist Floraleda Sacchi, harpsichordist Elina Mustonen, organist Carson Cooman, violinist Milan Paľa and similar. He is a founding member of legendary collective Transmusic Comp. and Vitebsk Broken. His chamber and orchestral works were in recent years heard in the interpretations of Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, Camerata Europea, Slovenský Komorný Orchester Bohdana Warchala, Filharmónia Bydgoszcz and Lugansk Symphony Orchestra. Except composing, he is working on realization of sound landscapes and cooperation with visual artists, such as founders of minimal art George Cup and Steve Elliott, German conceptualist Dirk Dietrich Hennig, Zbynek Prokop, Vladimír Popovič, Viktor Hulík, Juraj Meliš and many others.

Jozef Vlk is author, director, musician, producer, occasional light designer and founder of a group Hubris (later transformed to Debris Company), which main expression principle is non-verbal approach to classical literary themes (Kafka – Process, J. L. Borgés – Gospel in accordance with Mark, Joyce – Ullyses, Jarry – King Ubu, S. Beckett – Murphy, Breath, etc.), and is oriented also on authorial testimonies. Vlk is committed to the active form „gesammtkunstwerku“ and has behind him numerous home and foreign musical and theater collaborations. He got Dosky award for the best music. Outside of the theater activities he tried himself in directing medium format film Deň, he is also actively involved in new electronic music under pseudonym Double Affair.

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