VooDooMan is an enfant terrible of the Slovakian underground electronic music scene. He has been composing songs since the early 90s and he has self-released 9 albums on his own label Oshipanah Records. He is an experimental auteur of the modern age – crafting his own instruments (creations such as a vacuum cleaner controlled by a sound card, designed to create high interference, disrupting and glitching his other hand-made instruments) and writing his own music software. He has not been left untouched by the outer world, however; in his oeuvre you might find traces of various inspirations – from the dark ambience of Coil through the post-industrial tensions of Download to the straight-forward songwriting of Travis. He has also broadcast his own pirate radio station and further developed his show “Radio Haluze” while working at Tlis radio. VooDooMan’s complete discography has been released on LOM in 2013.

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