Noise Mortanna (ex-Sperm Boiler) was found on May 2005 by Morth as a one man band project or as I was saying in that time “just for fun stuff”. Later on I recorded a very shitty sounding “Blood, Sperms, Rape, Incest, Postal and more”. Next more-listenable demo was “Help me Im Being Raped”. And the last, never finished demo “Untitled” with only 6 tracks. Old Sperm Boiler sound was mainly electro/techno with pig vox and somewhere bassguitar. This THING was put on ice for a long time, and I was not planning to ressurect it. In Jan 2009 a fellow guy contact me and questioned me “Hey man, you play in a band K-Anal? Do you wanna do some live gig?” (that is the first creation of mine, nowadays I have a vox there and fellow dIGIMURDER makes all the rest, thanks to him, K-Anal can continue.) And I sayed “Nope, we’ve got only few songs.” then we scramble a while, and than it happened, Sperm Boiler has been resuscitated. First live gig was in Jan 2009 and i played old stuff, do a little like-noise-show. Second gig was in March and I played speedcore-extatone-noise-like music. Few days later Sperm Boiler renamed to Noise Mortanna. And now we’re getting to this noise-only point. All the future shows, recordings will be noise only, including performances.

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