Rentip – Digital Sound Processing
::.: – DSP, overtone flute , bells & stones, voices, harmonica

Poo is an audio platform established back in 1998 by ::.: and RENTIP. In 2005 we released the full length album “Fluorescent” on independent Prague-based label 11fingers records. From beginning to the present, we have also released few EPs, one remix EP, and many tracks as part of several compilations. Currently we are working on our second album.

Poo has played numerous live shows around Europe (Dutch Electronics Art Festival, Mego meets Wien Modern) and have participated in a few side projects and collaborations, as well as producing music for multi-media and art projects such as theater, film and sound installations.

Throughout the years our focus and interest has been in the exploration of all possible soundforms, and their effects on one’s perception and experience of reality.

“Poo emerged between harsh concrete habitats of Slovakian capital city – Bratislava. Formed by the musicians Rentip and ::.:. Poo’s unique sound is a combination of opposite principles given by its members: microsounds against organic and slowly developing surfaces, fine and subtle elements in opposition to ear-provoking frequencies, meditative atmosphere in a live act with fast moving noise.”
(Duch Electronic Art Festival)

Poo (2010) live rec, visuals by Zden

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