doublefair is a solo project of Jozef Vlk (1961). His name is linked with a pile of theater, film, dance and other productions and at the same time he is also an author and producer of all the project compositions. In the past his name was pronounced with a music band of Martin Burlas Sleepy Motion and the album they have released under the label Legal records/1995. In 1995, together with an actor from his project Debris – Martin Turčan – they founded a duet Teapeak, with which they gave a concert in Bratislava Wilsonic and released a single Baumbauhteamx on a selection Groove control vol1 under the label Universal records/2000. His guests to this project were musicians Maroš Hečko and Marcel Buntaj known from the Free Faces, Jozef Lupták and Peter Krajniak – classical music performers, singer and multi-instrumentalist Veronika Wiedermannova, Bulayo – a singer from South-African Praetoria, Jana Olahová from Blue Sundown and Ana Krsmanović, accordionist from Beograd. Jozef Vlk works with sampling, synthesizers, guitars, but the basic level for his sonic structures is an intuitive work with sound. Sampling is most of all used as a repetitive tool, but more often in a sense of morphing any sound ‘input’, whatever it may be. Forming thus something like a retarded sound structure composed of individual levels, in the final result resembling a song or sound construction. Ensemble project of Vlk has the name Double Affair.

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