David Kollar (1983) is a guitarist, improviser and film music composer from Prešov. His unique musical vision absorbs and reflects complex music moods, retaining an enviable individualism and a high quality craftsmanship that can span from music creativity to a very powerful and deep sound. Some critics surnamed him “young Andy Warhol” focusing on his dizzy creativity. His album THE SON (Hevhetia) was in TOP records of they year in several countries (USA, FR, CZ, SK). Album has a huge accomplishment in abroad becasue of originality in guitar playing.

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Experimental electronica, advanced beats, lo-fi, drone, dark ambient, harsh noise, avant-core, improvised, electro-acoustic composition, conceptual, field recordings, post-industrial, outer limits… Here it is again. The annual list of creative records from Slovakia released in 2017.

777Babalon – Eschatological Beast of the Revelation
777Babalon – Extramundanum (A Humble Record of Two Otherworldly Live Rehearsals)

900piesek – Silent Warriors From The Lunar World
900piesek – dead sea

ACR – A Day EP
ajlavmjuzik – Goodnight Graffiti Soundtrack
ajlavmjuzik – Daily Habits 2
Andrej Danóczi – Farebné recyklácie
Andrej Danóczi – Dovolenka v ARPách (2013-2017)
Angel Epilepsia – The Curse

Blues For The Redsun / Omm – Deadspace / Knocking On The Cemetery Gates
Brada – Neila

Cousin Silas and Total ET – Unexpected Spacescape

Daniel Kordik & James L Malone – Hit Me
David Kollar – Punk je HneD original soundtrack
David Kollar – Notes From The Underground
Dead Janitor – Juxtaposition
Drén ‎– Leichenhaus
Drén – X
Drén, Noitt, Hlukár and 900 Piesek – Noize Konspiracy vol.15 LIVE – WRESTLING

elýščítat – Briefly
elýščítat – Can do that 2.
Electric Apple – 4
Eva Šušková & Martin Burlas – Lexikón Chladu
experiMENTALien – D.F.Drone (MVAST pt.2)
experiMENTALien meets AIN23 – Chaos Trilogy
experiMENTALien meets Bobé Van Jézu – PsychoActive MessAge

g#Drén – Nože v uchu [ LIVE ]

Hlukar – Unspoken Misanthropic Narrator
hLukas – Year-old Update [29-07-16]
Humit – Fused

Ink Midget – Endless Grunts
Isama Zing – Isama Zing EP
Itsa Shokoshok – Little Day, Bicycle Joy
Ivan Kmeťo – Kiss My Rusty Washing Machine (Demo Tape, 2013)

Jacques Kustod – I am Deranged
Jonáš Gruska – ZUŠ
Jonáš Gruska – Spevy
Jozef Lupták – Free in One

Line Gate – Den
Løuke¥И – Void EP

Makkatu – Ordeal | [​/​] no. 34
Martin Huba – COLLAbSE
Martin Huba – MAGICAL
Matra – Terra Firma
Мэдисон – König (Schlacht von Öland)
Мэдисон – der Engel singen von Satan
Miki Bernath & Damolh33 – Flat Surfaces
Miro Tóth and the team – Collective Composition no. 1A
Miroslav Tóth – BallOnAir
Miroslav Tóth – Kyberpunkomša
Mt Accord – In Reverie EP
Mt Accord – A Day EP
Mt Accord – Shatter-Resistant
Mt Accord – A Misty View / Bright Lights
mutanT.R.I. – Wolf’s Hole
mutaLUX – Dro(w)ning
mutaTRAV – SinKing

noise eater – brutallymurderingaloli
noitt – shitgauze17

Ondrej Zajac – Live Excerpt @ Ambient 2017 – TICHO
Ondrej Zajac – Full Set Live @ Gallery AMU
Ondrej Zajac – ICU
Ospalý Pohyb – Úzkosť a rozklad

Päfgens – Tapas (Live in Madrid)
Paregorik & CRY OF HUMANS / Drén ‎– 12/11/2016
Polajka – Exodus

Raptor Koch – Robot Love
R [E T [I C [U] L [I – OORT / HIKING
Roboticon – Nebezpečenstvo úrazu pádom alebo pohybom zaveseného bremena

Samčo, brat dážďoviek – Rádio E00: Pilot
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – Duševní zdraví a punk
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – Veď ono ťa to prejde
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – povnímavaj, kým si
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – slniečko škovránky stromčeky a blázni
Satinsky – SKS
Sedem minút strachu – General Fucking 12″LP
Sine Ray – Iridescent EP
Sky to Speak – Live @ KRAA! vol.4, A4 Bratislava
Strom Noir – déjà rêvé vol. 2 [2014​​-​​2017]
Strom Noir – déjà rêvé vol. 1 [2011​-​2014]
Strom Noir – Ylomejja [2008]
Strom Noir – Maľované Kvety & Xeroxové Motýle
Špernakovič – alteration

TapeWorm – Vomit Licker
The Blackwood Incident – Katov Synth live at Fuga
The Blackwood Incident – Curse of the Tribe
Thisnis – Variationes Calvariae Locus
Total E.T. – Universenses
T.R.I.v.M. – emahOMmmm
T.R.I.v.M. – Expanoid

untitled sea – immerse |composition Advena|
untitled sea – variation IV.

Vril Avigne – Ad Astra



Veronika Škutová – B612

This list was compiled by Slavo Krekovic and it is most probably not complete. If you happen to know about anything that should be added, let us know at redakcia(at)34.sk.



The annual list of experimental, cutting-edge, avant-garde, underground and outsider albums, live recordings, EPs, tapes and net releases from Slovakia’s vital and diverse music scene: let yourself inspire by the rich selection of 2016 records.

Experimental electronica, advanced beats, lo-fi bedroom folk, drone, dark ambient, harsh noise, avant-core, improvised, electro-acoustic composition, conceptual, field recordings, post-industrial, outer limits…


0N0 – Reconstruction and Synthesis (album, CD + web)
900piesek – The Sword And The Chalice (album, net)
580 MILES – DROIT (EP, web)
777Babalon – ב (EP, web)
777 Babalon – ג(EP, web)
777 Babalon & 900piesek – 1677 (album, tape + web)
Æ – ÆMÆN (album, web)
Abuol – Vypadané zuby (album, web)
Abuol – Veselé dni (EP, web)
Adam Dekan – Parhelia (album, web)

Alten Kompoten – Čo sa nezmestilo do chladničky (album, web)
Analogrunner – EP (EP, web)
AnAstromo – Underwater Time (album, web)
Andrej Danóczi – Klára a Ján – Druhý debut (album, web)
Andrej Danóczi – Bledomodré recyklácie (album, web)
Ars Sonor and Total E.T. – Timethod II (CD, web)
BIOS – Fluorescent Minerals (album, tape + web)
Click here to add artist name – Sometimes it just… (EP, web)
David Kollar – Coś w rodzaju miłości – soundtrack (album, web)
David Kollar – R.M.X. (Zápisky I. Alchýmia úspechu a prehry) (album, book + CD + web)

David Kollar, Terminal State – The Son RMX 2016 (album, web)
Dead Janitor – Proximity (album, CDr + web)
Depressive Directions – Dekadencia (album, CDr)
D.F.E.T. – Secondouble (album, CD + web)
dinoZoff – Koppenberg party 2016 (EP, web)
dISHARMONY – Fragments of time (album, web)
dISHARMONY – Memorized skin EP (EP, web)
Dominik Suchy – II (album, web)
don@u.com – Crippled Symmetry in Broken Patterns (album, CD)
Drén – Nothing But Enemies (album, CDR)

Eigenheimer – Foetushouding (album, tape + web)
Elýščítat – Emotional So So So (EP, web)
Elýščítat – People. (EP, web)
experiMENTALien – C.G.dRone (album, web)
experiMENTALien – Drugliest TRmx [alternative mix by EsentPie] (album, web)
experiMENTALien eats EsentPie, regurgitated – raddrnMIX(1) (album, web)
experiMENTALien – Unreality (album, web)
experiMENTALien – Drugliest TRmx (EP, web)
Futurists of Techno Galaxy V-H – Sending Ice to Africa (album, web)
Get Lost, Wire Avenue – World Behind the Fence and Their Eyes Everywhere (album, web)

Good Mood – Zberba EP (EP, web)
g#Drén – LIVE @ 2016-04-16 – In:du:s:trialization – Brno (live, web)
I am planet – On The Way To Antarctica (album, CD + web)
Jon 1000 – This is a Smile (album, web)
Jonáš Gruska – Chočské vrchy a doliny (album, CD + web)
Jonáš Gruska – Site Specific Resonances V. (EP, web)
Jonáš Gruska – Vlakom (album, CD + web)
Julo Fujak – Rarity v re(tro)spektíve L (album, CD)
Ink Midget – Blackouts(EP, vinyl + web)
Ink Midget – Send Help EP (EP, web)

Itsa Shokoshok – Alma’s Intention, 21 Used Deodorant Cans (EP, web)
Jamka – Inter Alia (album, vinyl + web)
Ján Boleslav Kladivo a TJ Vjuga – Klesajúce klenby (album, CD)
Ján Boleslav Kladivo – irradiated (album, CD)
Keosz – Be Left to Oneself (album, web)
Keosz – No future vol.1 (album, web)
KILT (Kordik / Ikeda / Lucas) – Electroacoustic Improvisations (album, CD + web)
K.S.N. – EP /improvisations/ (EP, web)
kurtizan – 7even (album, web)
m a c h i n a デジタル – D i s t a n t 世界 (EP, web)

Martin Huba – Deliverance (EP, web)
Martin Huba – Kolotlč (album, web)
Martin Ožvold – Šumíky / pocta nechtěnému (radio composition, web)
Massola feat. Sedem Minút Strachu (EP, CD + web)
mcklobas – Various (EP, web)
Michaela Antalová – Oblak Oblek Oblúk EP (EP, web)
Miroslav Tóth – Oko za oko (video, web)
Miro Tóth – BallOnAir (radio composition, web)
Morvranh – Black Dynasty (album, web)
Morvranh – The Abstraction of Life (album, web)

Mt. Accord – Improvisations A-Z (EP, web)
mutaBURN – Coldwellers (album, CD + web)
Nikitin/Pospiš/Sillay – Ján Cikker 105 (album, CD + web)
noise eater – human decomposition (album, web)
noitt – 3CLL_CLTL (album, web)
noitt – Live @ Noise Fest Brno 2016 (live, web)
noitt – Live @ PRAHA/4AM, Brno, 22.05.2016 (live, web)
Núku – Krútňava (album, web)
Oeuvre – Oedi (EP, web)
Oeuvre – Šero (album, web)

o /\/\ /\/\ – ɤ (album, web)
Ondrej Zajac – Monolith (album, CD + web)
Ondrej Zajac – Sketches (demo compilation, CD + web)
Ospalý Pohyb – ø (album, web)
Ospalý Pohyb – Ostrava (EP, web)
Päfgens – Tinyold Hands (album, CD + web)
Päfgens – Boatside (Live at Orange ‘Ear) (album, tape + web)
Phragments – All Towers Must Fall (album, vinyl + web)
Pjoni – Liminal Zones (EP, 12″, web)
Plaices – Blank Space (album, web)

Samčo, brat dážďoviek – Etudes For Piano (EP, web)
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – Kuřátka umírají předčasně (album, web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – sedem minút samurai (EP, 7″ vinyl + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Rehearsal tape 2015 / 2016 (EP, tape + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu feat. 7M$ – symphonies of IT sickness (EP, tape + web)
Seriem Do Neba – Klimax Demo (EP, web)
Shibuya Motors – Live in Budapest 2016 (album, web)
Sound Sleep – Blank (album, tape + web)
Stano Sninský – Bežný Jedinec (album, web)
Strom Noir – the white colour of the clouds (album, tape + web)

Strom Noir / Micromelancolié – 49°05’19​,​3″N 22°34’04​,​0’E (album, CD + web)
Stroon – Astatine (EP, web)
Stroon – Solar Preludes (album, web)
Tomáš Šváb – Demos (EP, web)
TapeWorm – Virtuálne Krematórium (EP, web)
TapeWorm – Manifestácia fekálií (album, web)
The Blackwood Incident – Inner Light – a soundtrack for a book / mixed /(album, web)
The Blackwood Incident – Live @ Derniera (live, web)
The Blackwood Incident – Sofar practice session (live, web)
TOTAL E.T. – Dimensionalgetic (D+) (album, web)

TOTAL E.T. – Solarization (album, web)
Totalitny Rezim – Tragedia Nasavania V Dyme (album, web)
T.R.I.v.M. – Voidweller (album, web)
urbanfailure – Random Shadows (EP, vinyl + web)
Veronika Skutova – Teatronic (EP, web)
Void – Degradation Of Life (album, web)
Void – Enlightment (album, web)
Vril Avigne ‎– Haunebu Conspiracy Medium (??, tape)
Vritti – Sermon@KabinetMuz (album, web)
Vrtačky po desáté hodině – Lullabies (for Stela) (album, web)

Zelený Antoin – Skutočná Hudba pre Stokárov (EP, web)




23 SECONDS OV TIME / Volume 13
Classwar Karaoke – 0034 Survey
Christmas 2016
CGR Presents: Vol. IV
Experimental Studio Bratislava – Genius in the Labyrinth
Nová Generácia: Experimental Studio Bratislava Series 2
Sensing Electromagnetics
Unexplained Sounds 2016 – the 2nd annual recognition test
In search of balance (Among the shadows)
Vinylized Vol.6
V/A Lazy Bastards Compilation tape





Autumnist – Inner Space Invaders (web)
БРАДА – Brada @ Norberg festival 2015 (video, web)
noitt – napalmed tribute (web)
noitt – MKP2R_17 (web)
o /\/\ /\/\ – Deadspace / Knocking On The Cemetary Gates (o /\/\ /\/\ rmx) (web)
Phragments — Brada — Korinth – Tovarenska (single, web)
Pollux – &+ (web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split tape w / CACASONICA (tape + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split tape w / PARANOIA (tape + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split tape w / DEFLOWERED CUNT (tape + web)

Sedem Minút Strachu – split tape w / PAREGORIK (tape + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split tape w / SEVEN•MINUTES OF NAUSEA (tape + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split w / ERECTILE DEMENTIA (7″ EP + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split tape w / BULLSHIT MARKET (tape + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split tape w / ANARCO VOMIT NOISE (tape + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split tape w / THE END OF LIFE (tape + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split tape w / CHOCHOS Y MOSCAS (tape, web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Loudest Cabaret Ever – 4 way split tape w / NAPALM DEATH IS DEAD / SPACEGRINDER / CUNTS (tape + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split promo tape w / ERECTILE DEMENTIA (tape + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split tape w / MENSO NOISE (tape + web)

Sedem Minút Strachu – split tape w / REEKING CROSS (tape + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split w / UNCONSCIOUS DISHARMONIC MALFUNCTION (7″ EP + web)
Sedem Minút Strachu – split tape w / CSMD (tape + web)
The Blackwood Incident – 36 cables (web)
Whithe – Regrets EP (single, web)


This list was compiled by Slavo Krekovic and it is most probably not complete. If you happen to know about anything that should be added, let us know at redakcia(at)34.sk.




List of selected albums, EPs, tapes and net releases from Slovakia’s vital and diverse music scene: the ultimate creative, non-mainstream, underground and experimental stuff of 2015.

Experimental electronica, advanced beats, lo-fi bedroom folk, weird pop, drone, ambient, noise, avant-core, improvised, plunderphonic collage, electro-acoustic composition, conceptual, field recordings, post-industrial, outer limits… Here you go:


…lesom/Elma – …LESOM/ELMA (split, tape)
3ck – Spontaneous (album, 12” vinyl + net)
777 Babalon – Crowned andConquering Child (album, CD + net)
777 Babalon – Dosebazostúpenie (album, CD + net)
777 Babalon – א (EP, net)
Æ – ÆCHILLES (EP, net)
Æ – ÆMO (EP, net)
Alten Kompoten – AntiPop (album, CDr + vinyl + net)
Alten Kompoten – Mokrý prach nelieta (album, net)
Ankramu – Ankramu (album, net)

antibiotiko – antibiotiko (album, net)
AnAstromo – Promethia (album, net)
AnAstromo – my music collaborattion (EP, net)
AnAstromo – underwater time – single (EP, net)
The Blessed Beat – MiV (album, CD + net)
Nenad Branković – Solid (EP, tape + net)
Nenad Branković – Japan (EP, tape + net)
Martin Burlas & Musica falsa et ficta – Hexenprozesse (album, CD + net)
CorelDRAW!®Version 3.0 – イエスキリスト (EP, net)
Andrej Danóczi – Obrazy (video, net)

Andrej Danóczi – Obrazy 2 (video, net)
Andrej Danóczi – Október (album, net)
Andrej Danóczi – Paličáci (album, net)
Andrej Danóczi – Prekvapenie (video, net)
Dead Janitor – Downturn (EP, net)
dinoZoff – La Radioactivité (single, net)
DRNSMS – Prvý nájeb (MC, net)
Drén / To-Bo / Extreme Volume Pop / LeuchTe_StriKe – Splitsession 30 (4way CDr)
Drén – Live at Lipcore / Live at Mariacsalad (tape)
Dumki – Dumki EP1 (EP, net)

Džumelec – Jeleň Zeleň (album, net)
Electric Apple – 3 (album, net)
end off…exist not – Elevator Music (album, net)
experiMENTALien – Nine Triads (album, CDr + net)
Július Fujak – Various Comprovisations (CD)
G#Drén – collaboration disc (CDr)
G#Drén – G#Drén EP (EP, CDr + net)
Jonáš Gruska – Kvílenia Bratislavy (abum, tape + net)
Jonáš Gruska – Lúky (album, net)
Jonáš Gruska – Zvuky Slovnaftu (album, net)

hLukas – mc_mc (album, net)
Martin Huba – One Small Step (album, net)
Martin Huba – The Beautiful Ordinary (album, net)
Humit – Caffe Noisse (EP, net)
Humit – Bl.End 015 (single, net)
Humit – cha.ozs (single, tape + net)
ImiAFan + Martin Burlas + Ivan Štrpka – Krv čiernobielych fotografií (album, vinyl + net)
ImiAFan + Dario Seraval – Against The Walls (album, 12” vinyl + net)
Ink Midget – Songs For Your Girlfriend EP (EP, net)
Keosz – Insecure EP (EP, net)

Keosz – Overlord EP (EP, net)
Keosz – Seclusion EP (EP, net)
Jana Kirschner – Moruša: Remixed (album, CD + net)
J. B. Kladivo – Venia (album, net)
Ivan Kmeťo – Beyond the Horizon (album, net)
David Kollar – Unfinished Stories original soundtrack (album, net)
KOMARA – KOMARA (album, CD + vinyl)
Krenowels – Eredjinnen EP (EP, net)
Lucas Perny Revival – Lucas Perny Revival (EP, net)
Daniel Matej – Memories of You (album, CD)

Wren Mckay – The Triangle (album, net)
Minor 666 – Minor (album, net)
Möbius – The Magic of Macabre (album, vinyl + net)
Mt. Accord – Common Hindrances EP (EP, net)
mutaHARSH – Fuckmaker Deconstruction (album, net)
mutanT.R.I. – Obscurection (album, net)
mutanT.R.I. – Submutations vol. 3 (album, net)
mutanT.R.I. – Katacumoridako (album, net)
My Live Evil III. – Hergott Is Dead (7” vinyl)
NE:BO:DAJ – Leter tu develoter (album, CD)

Nikolaj Nikitin – Slovak Sounds (album, CD + net)
Noise Mortanna – Caring DS Ivy Days (EP, CDr + net)
o /\/\ /\/\ – Domum (album, tape + net)
Oeuvre – Déanach (EP, net)
Ospalý pohyb – Ü (EP, vinyl + net)
Michal Paľko & Miroslav Tóth – Tren ofiarem Fukuszymi (net)
Pair Dürer – Wee-Akk (EP, net)
Päfgens – Der verpasste Zug nach Berlin (album, CDr + net)
Prezident Lourajder – Úrad (album, CD + net)
Prezident Lourajder – Druhé Remixy (album, net)

Remmirath – Shambhala Vril Saucers (album, CD + net)
René a Klára – Debut (album, net)
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – Boyfriend / cassette single (single, net)
Samčo, brat dážďoviek + Batcha De Mental – Pavol Paška in DUNASZERDAHELY GHETTO (EP, net)
Samčo, brat dážďoviek + Robo Rybolov + Omražťok – Áttörő erő (album, net)
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – BAD QUALITY, IV ed. (album, net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split 5,5″ EP w / DECHE-CHARGE (split, vinyl + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split CD w / NAPALM DEATH IS DEAD (split, CD + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split tape w / HADES MINING Co. (split, tape + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split 7″ EP w / 7moИ (split, net)

Sedem Minút Strachu – Split 7″ EP w / PTAO (split, net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split 7″ EP w / PERCY JERK OFF (split, net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split tape w / CASTRATION RITE (split, tape + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split tape w / MORTE LENTA (split, tape + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split tape w / DE BLENDERS (split, tape + net)
Slavapolis: Andrej Danóczi / Marián Zavarský – People /Do Not Talk/ (video)
Slavapolis: Andrej Danóczi / Miro Tóth – Slavapolis – Phenomenon (video)
Sound Sleep – Sound Sleep (album, tape + net)
Miso Spernakovic – EP (EP, CD + net)
Strom Noir – ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ (album, tape + net)

Strom Noir – glaciology (album, CD)
Stroon – Chosen Months (EP, net)
Tatratank – 0xAM (album, net)
Tentato – Epnato (EP, net)
Time Sprout Orchestra – Armageddon: The soundtrack (album, net)
Time Sprout Orchestra – translate ! (album, net)
TOTAL E.T. – impleMENTAL ALIENoise (Unearthly 23SOTV9) (album, net)
TOTAL E.T. – mulTIdiMEnsionARCotic (album, net)
TOTAL E.T. – Subtunez vol.3 (album, net)
T.R.I.v.M. – re-signalized (album, net)

T.R.I.v.M. – S.T.Drone (MVAST) (album, CD + net)
T.R.I.v.M. – Subtracks vol. 3 (album, net)
Jozef Vlk – Recycled (album, CD)
Výklenkové Rezonancie – Urbsounds and Friends In Noise/FUGA (album, net)
Whithe – Emptiness EP (EP, net)
Žena – CHICKEN BREAST FEVER (album, net)
Žena – Fialový med (album, net)
Ženské kruhy so Samčom – TE DEUM I am not barbie (album, net)
V/A – Hyperthermia (compilation album, CD + net)
V/A – “JEFF HUNTER” Compilation (compilation album, net)

V/A – Iná Hudba: Experimental Studio Bratislava Series 1 (compilation album, vinyl + net)
V/A – Medvede Vedia vol. 3 (compilation album, net)
V/A – Noise Party vol. VI (compilation album, net)
V/A – rAdioCUSTICA selected 2014 (compilation album, CD + net)
V/A – Vinylized Vol.5 (compilation album, vinyl + net)

This list is by no means complete. Please let us know any corrections or suggestions: redakcia (at) 34.sk!

Compiled by Slavo Krekovic.


Experimental electronica, advanced beats, contemporary classical, soundscapes, drone, ambient, noise, avant-core, improvised music, plunderphonics, weird song-writing, critical pop, radio art, electro-acoustic composition, conceptual, field recordings, site-specific, post-industrial, between-categories…

Selection of albums, EPs and net releases from Slovakia’s vital and diverse music scene: the ultimate creative, non-conventional, underground and cutting-edge stuff.


777 BabalonLive Ritual at Walls of Solitude V (CD)
900piesekFoggy Mountains (album, tape + net)
900piesekChrome.Hyper.Drone (album, CD-R)
ÆL’Atelier du peintre (EP, net)
abuolláska_zamilované jedlo škrtené opaskom_láska (EP, net)
Aidan ZaalNiebieski Nihil (EP, net)
Amen TmaInsect Phonetics Research (album, tape + net)
AtraneniaThe Mirror (CD-R)
BDY 9 Days (EP, net)
BDYAnother Works (EP, net)

Martin Burlas – Konečne plač (album, vinyl)
Martin Burlas – The Doubt came too late (album, vinyl)
CloudsformFrom Within A Myst (EP, net)
Daniel DanielssonLlajf EP (EP, net)
Andrej DanócziExorcista (album, net)
Andrej DanócziChronologies (album, net)
Andrej DanócziMandragora 2 (album, net)
Andrej DanócziMusic for Darkness (album, net)
Andrej DanócziReminiscencie (album, net)

Andrej DanócziSmetisko (album, net)
Andrej DanócziManželia a rýchlobežky (album, net)
Dead JanitorGlacial Pace (album, net)
don@u.comUnpredictable Standards (album, CD)
DžumelecBrutovce (album, net)
EGANorthward EP (EP, tape + net)
Ensemble 56live in Fuga and Tabačka (CD)
Ensemble 56Live from Opava, Gottfrei (net)
experiMENTALien meets AcidTrasHLong Time Coming (EP, net)
Electric AppleReceive divorce (EP, net)

Electric Apple2 (album, net)
gaLganMedzi Leopoldovom a Červeníkom stojí kríž (EP, net)
Jonáš GruskaЛуна (album, net)
Jonáš Gruska
Vzduchotechnika (album, CD + net)
Hautzinger, Fujak, SőrésLive in Brussels (album, CD)
Jack Hertz & TOTAL E.T.Into The Zone (album, net)
Hlukár / hLukášSPLIT (split, tape + net)
hLukasComputone 2 (EP, net)
Imre Kiss / Casi Cada MinutoA-Sites (album, vinyl + net)

J. B. KladivoDôstojný život v kozme (album, CD)
David KollarAnimal Exitus Performance (album, net)
Miloslav Kollár & Lucas PernyTheatrum Mundi (album, CD + net)
Daniel Kordík / Ed LucasBrushed and Crushed (album, tape + net)
Daniel Kordík / Tobiáš PotočnýINDPORT (album, CD + net)
Slávo KrekovičKurzwellen mit Fragezeichen (composition, radio + net)
mutaHERTZFantastic Planetscapes (album, net)
NITTS & DRÉNMail Collaboration Tape (tape)
Obete sektySekta obetí (album, tape + net)
o /\/\ /\/\Batio Triffids (net)

o /\/\ /\/\Omm (album, tape + net)
PanáčikMrakodrap (EP, net)
PanáčikPostmoderna (album, net)
PentagramčekDruhá platňa (album, CD-R + net)
Marek Piaček / Alexander PlatznerDie Schöne Glenn-Millerin / Blasmusik (CD, net)
PjoniTowns (EP, net)
Prezident LourajderPrvé remixy (album, net)
Rawcvlt / 777 Babalon (split, tape)
RázsochyLive @ A4 – Bratislava [2014-09-05] (album, net)
RentipAspects of an Element (net)

Ružoví kovboji / Bartek – Život je dlhý – svedectvo (split, tape + net)
Samčo, brat dážďoviekAni slovenské, ani nové, ani mesto (album, net)
Samčo, brat dážďoviekmagazín TÍNEJDŽ (album, net)
Secondstroke / Drén Split Tape (split, tape)
Sedem Minút StrachuOvermasonnanizationated Twist (EP, 5″ + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu / Adolf Shitter7″ EP ‎(split, 7″ CD-R + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu / Camphora MonobromataI’m Telling You It’s Not Music It’s Frantic, Frantic Noise (split, 5″ CD-R + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu / Oral ProtectionSplit Tape (split, tape)
Sedem Minút Strachu / Sete Star Sept Split 7″ EP (split, 7″ CD-R + net)
Sedem Supraphon Minút Family Strachu ‎- Hluk Off!! (album, 10’’ EP + net)

Sedem Supraphon Minút Family Strachu
Naživo z Pekla (3” CD-R + net)
Shibuya MotorsFurrows of the Night (EP, net)
Dominik Suchý(london album) (album, CD-R + net)
Sound SleepShape (album, tape + net)
Strom NoirTravel To A Human Heart (EP, tape)
Strom NoirUrban Blues (album, CD)
The Blessed BeatLive in Bologna (album, net)
Theatrum SpirituumAstra (EP, net)
TOTAL E.T.Dimensionalgetic (album, net)
TOTAL E.T.Nebula Of Irrationality Seems Eternal (album, net)

Triple Sun
Overture (album, CD-R + net)
TOTAL E.T.ParadOxymoron (album, CD-R + net)
T.R.I.v.M.L.S.Drone (Deep Immersion mix) (album, net)
V/ACzechoslovak No-Input Mixer Compilation (compilation, net)
ženaŠpinavý dekolt (album, net)


This list is by no means complete – it is a work in progress. Any corrections or suggestions? Please let us know at redakcia (at) 34.sk!

Compiled by Slavo Krekovic / KRAA.SK.