Jacques is fictional character set in the universe of the Andrej, based in Bratislava, Slovakia (aka Zeleny Antoin). Confrontation with dreams and reality, escape from everyday routine through sound psychedelia combined with field recordings, Blade Runner, Goddard’s Alphaville, Stephen Hawking and loads of sound waves coming from various sources. Jacques’s passion for modular synthethisers and warm sounds of vintage analogue devices is processed through loads of layers, dsp, guitar pedals and other forms of available mutations. Opposed to the perfect sound and composition, his tracks are often in unfinished state with huge number of imperfectness.

Jacques Kustod is telling the stories of space, everyday life, Andrej’s mutated sound diaries and serves as platform for the cold sentimental atmosphere of electronic music trying to sound more human. Conclusion is up to the listener.

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