Slavo Krekovic – electronics
Miro Toth – soprano and alto saxophone, vocal, electronics

Special guests:
Andrej Gál – cello
ddkern – drums
ciikaal – drums

‘The demands from users have often contradicted engineering possibilities. However, once the targets became clear, we, SHIBUYA, have made every effort to knuckle down to achieve them. The keyword is “NO COMPROMISE” believing that we can overcome the difficulties without sacrificing anything.’

Unce upon a time… somewhere between free jazz mountains, sea of death metal and islands of live electronics… there were SHIBUYA MOTORS! Free improvised electro-acoustic music project closely related to ATRAKT ART label (organizer of the NEXT festival of advanced music in Bratislava), established in 2007 by Slavo Krekovic and Miro Toth, who are also members of other experimental ensembles (Musica falsa et ficta, Voice Over Noise, Frutti di Mare, Q30J666222, Kapela snů, Uran Uran, DJ Hamborgarafabrikkan).

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Q30J_Urbi from miro2t on Vimeo.

Miro Tóth – alto and soprano sax., eletronics;
rbnx – electronics, vocals

Long long ago, back when the world was young – that is, somethime the year 1958 – a lot of artists and composers and other people who wanted to do beautiful things began to look at world around them in a new way.

They said: “Hey! Coffee cups can be more beautiful than fancy sculptures. A kiss in a morning can be more dramatic than a drama by Mr. Fancypants. The sloshing of my foot in my wet boot sounds more beautiful than fancy organ music.”

Ok. It..s 2008.

Ok. It..s 2008.

Ok. It..s 2008.

Ok. It..s 2008.

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