List of selected albums, EPs, tapes and net releases from Slovakia’s vital and diverse music scene: the ultimate creative, non-mainstream, underground and experimental stuff of 2015.

Experimental electronica, advanced beats, lo-fi bedroom folk, weird pop, drone, ambient, noise, avant-core, improvised, plunderphonic collage, electro-acoustic composition, conceptual, field recordings, post-industrial, outer limits… Here you go:


…lesom/Elma – …LESOM/ELMA (split, tape)
3ck – Spontaneous (album, 12” vinyl + net)
777 Babalon – Crowned andConquering Child (album, CD + net)
777 Babalon – Dosebazostúpenie (album, CD + net)
777 Babalon – א (EP, net)
Æ – ÆCHILLES (EP, net)
Æ – ÆMO (EP, net)
Alten Kompoten – AntiPop (album, CDr + vinyl + net)
Alten Kompoten – Mokrý prach nelieta (album, net)
Ankramu – Ankramu (album, net)

antibiotiko – antibiotiko (album, net)
AnAstromo – Promethia (album, net)
AnAstromo – my music collaborattion (EP, net)
AnAstromo – underwater time – single (EP, net)
The Blessed Beat – MiV (album, CD + net)
Nenad Branković – Solid (EP, tape + net)
Nenad Branković – Japan (EP, tape + net)
Martin Burlas & Musica falsa et ficta – Hexenprozesse (album, CD + net)
CorelDRAW!®Version 3.0 – イエスキリスト (EP, net)
Andrej Danóczi – Obrazy (video, net)

Andrej Danóczi – Obrazy 2 (video, net)
Andrej Danóczi – Október (album, net)
Andrej Danóczi – Paličáci (album, net)
Andrej Danóczi – Prekvapenie (video, net)
Dead Janitor – Downturn (EP, net)
dinoZoff – La Radioactivité (single, net)
DRNSMS – Prvý nájeb (MC, net)
Drén / To-Bo / Extreme Volume Pop / LeuchTe_StriKe – Splitsession 30 (4way CDr)
Drén – Live at Lipcore / Live at Mariacsalad (tape)
Dumki – Dumki EP1 (EP, net)

Džumelec – Jeleň Zeleň (album, net)
Electric Apple – 3 (album, net)
end off…exist not – Elevator Music (album, net)
experiMENTALien – Nine Triads (album, CDr + net)
Július Fujak – Various Comprovisations (CD)
G#Drén – collaboration disc (CDr)
G#Drén – G#Drén EP (EP, CDr + net)
Jonáš Gruska – Kvílenia Bratislavy (abum, tape + net)
Jonáš Gruska – Lúky (album, net)
Jonáš Gruska – Zvuky Slovnaftu (album, net)

hLukas – mc_mc (album, net)
Martin Huba – One Small Step (album, net)
Martin Huba – The Beautiful Ordinary (album, net)
Humit – Caffe Noisse (EP, net)
Humit – Bl.End 015 (single, net)
Humit – cha.ozs (single, tape + net)
ImiAFan + Martin Burlas + Ivan Štrpka – Krv čiernobielych fotografií (album, vinyl + net)
ImiAFan + Dario Seraval – Against The Walls (album, 12” vinyl + net)
Ink Midget – Songs For Your Girlfriend EP (EP, net)
Keosz – Insecure EP (EP, net)

Keosz – Overlord EP (EP, net)
Keosz – Seclusion EP (EP, net)
Jana Kirschner – Moruša: Remixed (album, CD + net)
J. B. Kladivo – Venia (album, net)
Ivan Kmeťo – Beyond the Horizon (album, net)
David Kollar – Unfinished Stories original soundtrack (album, net)
KOMARA – KOMARA (album, CD + vinyl)
Krenowels – Eredjinnen EP (EP, net)
Lucas Perny Revival – Lucas Perny Revival (EP, net)
Daniel Matej – Memories of You (album, CD)

Wren Mckay – The Triangle (album, net)
Minor 666 – Minor (album, net)
Möbius – The Magic of Macabre (album, vinyl + net)
Mt. Accord – Common Hindrances EP (EP, net)
mutaHARSH – Fuckmaker Deconstruction (album, net)
mutanT.R.I. – Obscurection (album, net)
mutanT.R.I. – Submutations vol. 3 (album, net)
mutanT.R.I. – Katacumoridako (album, net)
My Live Evil III. – Hergott Is Dead (7” vinyl)
NE:BO:DAJ – Leter tu develoter (album, CD)

Nikolaj Nikitin – Slovak Sounds (album, CD + net)
Noise Mortanna – Caring DS Ivy Days (EP, CDr + net)
o /\/\ /\/\ – Domum (album, tape + net)
Oeuvre – Déanach (EP, net)
Ospalý pohyb – Ü (EP, vinyl + net)
Michal Paľko & Miroslav Tóth – Tren ofiarem Fukuszymi (net)
Pair Dürer – Wee-Akk (EP, net)
Päfgens – Der verpasste Zug nach Berlin (album, CDr + net)
Prezident Lourajder – Úrad (album, CD + net)
Prezident Lourajder – Druhé Remixy (album, net)

Remmirath – Shambhala Vril Saucers (album, CD + net)
René a Klára – Debut (album, net)
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – Boyfriend / cassette single (single, net)
Samčo, brat dážďoviek + Batcha De Mental – Pavol Paška in DUNASZERDAHELY GHETTO (EP, net)
Samčo, brat dážďoviek + Robo Rybolov + Omražťok – Áttörő erő (album, net)
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – BAD QUALITY, IV ed. (album, net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split 5,5″ EP w / DECHE-CHARGE (split, vinyl + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split CD w / NAPALM DEATH IS DEAD (split, CD + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split tape w / HADES MINING Co. (split, tape + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split 7″ EP w / 7moИ (split, net)

Sedem Minút Strachu – Split 7″ EP w / PTAO (split, net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split 7″ EP w / PERCY JERK OFF (split, net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split tape w / CASTRATION RITE (split, tape + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split tape w / MORTE LENTA (split, tape + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu – Split tape w / DE BLENDERS (split, tape + net)
Slavapolis: Andrej Danóczi / Marián Zavarský – People /Do Not Talk/ (video)
Slavapolis: Andrej Danóczi / Miro Tóth – Slavapolis – Phenomenon (video)
Sound Sleep – Sound Sleep (album, tape + net)
Miso Spernakovic – EP (EP, CD + net)
Strom Noir – ΕΣΟΠΤΡΟΝ (album, tape + net)

Strom Noir – glaciology (album, CD)
Stroon – Chosen Months (EP, net)
Tatratank – 0xAM (album, net)
Tentato – Epnato (EP, net)
Time Sprout OrchestraArmageddon: The soundtrack (album, net)
Time Sprout Orchestratranslate ! (album, net)
TOTAL E.T. – impleMENTAL ALIENoise (Unearthly 23SOTV9) (album, net)
TOTAL E.T. – mulTIdiMEnsionARCotic (album, net)
TOTAL E.T. – Subtunez vol.3 (album, net)
T.R.I.v.M. – re-signalized (album, net)

T.R.I.v.M. – S.T.Drone (MVAST) (album, CD + net)
T.R.I.v.M. – Subtracks vol. 3 (album, net)
Jozef Vlk – Recycled (album, CD)
Výklenkové Rezonancie – Urbsounds and Friends In Noise/FUGA (album, net)
Whithe – Emptiness EP (EP, net)
Žena – CHICKEN BREAST FEVER (album, net)
Žena – Fialový med (album, net)
Ženské kruhy so Samčom – TE DEUM I am not barbie (album, net)
V/A – Hyperthermia (compilation album, CD + net)
V/A – “JEFF HUNTER” Compilation (compilation album, net)

V/A – Iná Hudba: Experimental Studio Bratislava Series 1 (compilation album, vinyl + net)
V/A – Medvede Vedia vol. 3 (compilation album, net)
V/A – Noise Party vol. VI (compilation album, net)
V/A – rAdioCUSTICA selected 2014 (compilation album, CD + net)
V/A – Vinylized Vol.5 (compilation album, vinyl + net)

This list is by no means complete. Please let us know any corrections or suggestions: redakcia (at) 34.sk!

Compiled by Slavo Krekovic.


Collaborative sound performance project by Slavo Krekovic. Originally commisioned as ‘Answering Architecture’ performance by Slovak exhibition at the Architecture Biennale 2012.
Touch gestures and movements of four players (Touchscreen Orchestra) navigating through the space and operating multitouch tablet computers are sent wirelessly to the central computer operated by the ‘conductor’, that generates and processes sounds for the empty architecture of the pavillon. Since its premiere, the piece has been performed several times with some variations.

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Musician, sound artist, musicologist, contemporary music and new media art curator and cultural organizer. Co-founder of the annual NEXT // Advanced Music Festival at A4 in Bratislava and editor of KRAA.SK website. Other curatorial and organisational projects or publications include Atrakt Art association and record label, 3/4 magazine, A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture, Multiplace / new media culture festival, server and network. Since 2013, he has been the Head of the Multimedia Studio at the Faculty of Fine Arts (FaVU) of Brno University of Technology.

Author of interactive sound installations, performing experimental electronic music solo or in several collaborations. Member and co-founder of various music projects (Martin Vysoky, Touchscreen Orchestra, Voice Over Noise, Shibuya Motors, Musica falsa et ficta, Kapela snů, Feed The Tiger, Bolka/Krekovic and Vritti).

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Composer, saxophonist and vocalist (aka utvil kling sang). He specializes in contemporary music, experimental music, improvised music and conceptual audiovisual work.
He studied composition with composers Ilja Zeljenka, Yevgeniy Irshai and now on he continues studying composition at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava with the composer Vladimír Godár. Studied a the Conservatory in Bratislava with Dušan Húščava and piano with Venceslava Ilievska. From 2002 to 2008 he studied Musicology on Comenius University in Bratislava.

He is the author of compositions for solo instruments, chamber and ensemble pieces, including several stage works and operas – OUTPARK, The Magical Massage Bar for Public Officers (in two acts), premiered in Arnhem.

He realized many audiovisual conceptual projects with Frutti di mare from 2007 in 11 parts with more then 65 instrumentalists. He is founder and artistic leader of improvisational symphony orchestra Musica falsa et ficta (from 2006) – currently works on project: 33 Astral Bodies – Cybermass. Recently he has prepared new recording & performance with the group Dunkeltherapy II. He also performs in experimental music bands/projects: Shibuya Motors (with dd kern and Slavo Krekovic – CD: Shibuya Motors feat. ddkern, Atrakt Art 2010), My Live Evil (duo with Alexander Platzner), Michal Palko & Miroslav Tóth (recorded first CD in May 2012, Krakow, Poland + recorded video opera Tooth for a Tooth, 2013 in Banska Stiavnica) and Free Jazz trio with Rafal Mazur and Miecislaw Górka (recorded in Krakow, April 2012) and in many other projects.
He develops concert activity in Slovakia and abroad, as well as organizing and leading music workshops and music festivals (LIVE EVIL). From 2010 he has been composing music for films.

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Solo project of Samuel Szabó, known also from his other projects (Vyschlí sysli, tISKA, Death-Jazz Trio, Vzorodev, Qbasic Orchestra, Pentagramček).

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He studied flute at the Bratislava Conservatory (1986–1992) with Dagmar Zsapková, but his ongoing interest in unusual performance techniques led him to study composition, at first privately with Ladislav Burlas (1986–1988), from 1989 with Ilja Zeljenka, and at the Academy of Music and Drama with the same teacher (1990–1995). Zeljenka encouraged Piaček’s interest in experimental art, and thus hastened his disassociation with traditional forms (String Quartet, 1989). During his studies he began working in the Experimental Studio of the Slovak Radio, where he produced Flauto dolce ’91 (1991, in collaboration with Juraj Ďuriš). Piaček attended several training courses and seminars (Boswil – 1990–1991; Nottingham Trent University – Kevin Jones, 1993; Akademie für Neue Musik – Boguslaw Schaeffer, Marek Chołoniewski, 1996). He is co-founder of Middle-Class Chamber Orchestra Požoň Sentimental and collaborated with ensembles Musica falsa et ficta, Mio-Mio, Piaček-Pavelka-Michalec, Brass Band Štós, Voise Over Noise, Audiobratia, Pink Big Pig, don@u.com, POVAŽAN, Frutti di Mare, Tuleň, VENI ensemble, VENI Academy, VAPORI del CUORE, Son-Drian, Upokojenci, Gourounaki Project.

Piaček’s music was featured at Warsaw Autumn (i. e. commissioned work “Happy Mainstream”), Wien Modern, Wiener Festwochen, Melos-Ethos, Evenings of New Music, Musica Danubiana Ljubljana, Bratislava Music Festival, KioSK festival Žilina, Fest Anča Žilina, 4 živly Banská Štiavnica, Festival of Nice Music Banská Štiavnica, New-New Festival Brno, New Slovak Music festival, Exposition of New Music Brno, on many concerts at home and abroad. He performed improvised music with musicians like Nick Collins, David Dramm, Hilary Jeffrey, Ann LaBerge, Beth Griffith, Jean-Marc Montera, Günter Müller, Chris Newmann, John Oswald, Otomo Yoshihide, Jon Rose, Miki Skuta, Daan Vandevalle, Marián Varga, Elliot Sharp, Alfred Zimmerlin, and others.

Presently he is active as a composer, performer (flute, laptop), lecturer (soundart), organizer of contemporary music events.

In his music Piaček exploits elements of every-day life and culture, allusions to pop-music, he re-creates (re-composes) music all around us, music of the past…

In Piaček’s eyes, and in his works, rather, art is a culture-creating activity, giving him space, where something neutral, even trivial, aggressive (bad) is changed into something good, better, of greater value – briefly, something what makes sense.

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Sekatshi dobrotti are a random selection from infinite space of possibilities of musical composer and keyboardist Peter Machajdík, violinist Peter Krajniak and musician and theater director Jozef Vlk.

Peter Krajniak was studying violin on conservatory in Bratislava, VŠMU and at Academy of art in Banská Bystrica. He was concert master in Komorní sólisti Bratislava, he was a member of Musica Aeterna, Veni Ensemble, Haydn Sinfonietta Wien and he is a member of Solamente Naturali. Apart from classical violin, he also interprets baroque music on instruments of that time and plays electronic violin on parties with DJs.

Peter Machajdík creates and works with important people from international music scene, as are Jon Anderson from legendary art-rock group Yes, extreme vocalist and drummer David Moss, harpist Floraleda Sacchi, harpsichordist Elina Mustonen, organist Carson Cooman, violinist Milan Paľa and similar. He is a founding member of legendary collective Transmusic Comp. and Vitebsk Broken. His chamber and orchestral works were in recent years heard in the interpretations of Janáček Philharmonic Orchestra, Camerata Europea, Slovenský Komorný Orchester Bohdana Warchala, Filharmónia Bydgoszcz and Lugansk Symphony Orchestra. Except composing, he is working on realization of sound landscapes and cooperation with visual artists, such as founders of minimal art George Cup and Steve Elliott, German conceptualist Dirk Dietrich Hennig, Zbynek Prokop, Vladimír Popovič, Viktor Hulík, Juraj Meliš and many others.

Jozef Vlk is author, director, musician, producer, occasional light designer and founder of a group Hubris (later transformed to Debris Company), which main expression principle is non-verbal approach to classical literary themes (Kafka – Process, J. L. Borgés – Gospel in accordance with Mark, Joyce – Ullyses, Jarry – King Ubu, S. Beckett – Murphy, Breath, etc.), and is oriented also on authorial testimonies. Vlk is committed to the active form „gesammtkunstwerku“ and has behind him numerous home and foreign musical and theater collaborations. He got Dosky award for the best music. Outside of the theater activities he tried himself in directing medium format film Deň, he is also actively involved in new electronic music under pseudonym Double Affair.

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In November 2009, improvisational symphonic orchestra Musica falsa et ficta played a set at Stanica Zilina-Zariecie, the independent cultural centre. Here you can enjoy the performance:

Musica Falsa et Ficta from stanica on Vimeo.


Improvisation Symphonic Orchestra based in Bratislava (since 2006).

Conservative principles in music are often described as dead. But musically dead can also be the Describer, practically the one, that complains about the actual state of music. So who is really dead? The answer to this question will be given by histories in the future. We are actually too young to give answers to such questions, but our goal is to bring perhaps just a bit of light by our improvised music into the problem.

Musica falsa et ficta practices conducted collective improvisation. It is a group of about 25 young musicians, mostly studying at the State Conservatory and at the Academy of Music in Bratislava, plus guests. Each of these musicians brings his own personal view of music into the proces of improvisation. We try to combine music created by classical instruments with electronics (laptops, effects, …) and we move on the edge of composition, improvisation and interpretation in real time.

Members: Andrea Babjaková – violin, Peter Ferienčík – violin, Michaela – viola, Jonatán Pastirčák – cello, electronics, Pavol Kušík – double bass, Peter Duchnický – flute, Veronika Vitázková – flute, piccola, Martina Kuštarová – flute, Marek Piaček – conducting, Šimon Lupták – movement, Lucia Chuťková – clarinet, voice, Paulína Rónaiová – oboe, Tomáš Rak – bassoon, Alexander Platzner – alto saxophone, bass clarinet, Miro Tóth – alto saxophone, Juraj Miškovič – horn, Martin Krížik – horn, voice, Róbert Kolář – horn, Jozef Gorel – perkussions, Ján Oriško – drums, Lenka Novosedlíková – piano, xylophone, bells, František Király – piano, Janko Brtka – accordeon, Slávo Krekovič – el. guitar, synth, Oliver Rehák – el. guitar, rbnx – electronics

Daniel Matej – Structures, Pages and Improvisations / excerpt

Seijiro Murayama – 69(2)72(2)18(2)43(2)5(1)8549(2)6327(2)1(1)312(2)587(2)946(2) / excerpt

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Slavo Krekovic – laptop, electronics
Ladislav Mirvald – guitar, electronics
Oliver Rehak – laptop, electronics
Martin Valasek – turntables, eletronics
esfir – visuals

Wizualizacja autorstwa Sašy Gojdicovej pt “Janosikov Trip”, do której “Etnoise Orchestra” wykona muzykę na żywo.

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