Experimental electronica, advanced beats, contemporary classical, soundscapes, drone, ambient, noise, avant-core, improvised music, plunderphonics, weird song-writing, critical pop, radio art, electro-acoustic composition, conceptual, field recordings, site-specific, post-industrial, between-categories…

Selection of albums, EPs and net releases from Slovakia’s vital and diverse music scene: the ultimate creative, non-conventional, underground and cutting-edge stuff.


777 BabalonLive Ritual at Walls of Solitude V (CD)
900piesekFoggy Mountains (album, tape + net)
900piesekChrome.Hyper.Drone (album, CD-R)
ÆL’Atelier du peintre (EP, net)
abuolláska_zamilované jedlo škrtené opaskom_láska (EP, net)
Aidan ZaalNiebieski Nihil (EP, net)
Amen TmaInsect Phonetics Research (album, tape + net)
AtraneniaThe Mirror (CD-R)
BDY 9 Days (EP, net)
BDYAnother Works (EP, net)

Martin Burlas – Konečne plač (album, vinyl)
Martin Burlas – The Doubt came too late (album, vinyl)
CloudsformFrom Within A Myst (EP, net)
Daniel DanielssonLlajf EP (EP, net)
Andrej DanócziExorcista (album, net)
Andrej DanócziChronologies (album, net)
Andrej DanócziMandragora 2 (album, net)
Andrej DanócziMusic for Darkness (album, net)
Andrej DanócziReminiscencie (album, net)

Andrej DanócziSmetisko (album, net)
Andrej DanócziManželia a rýchlobežky (album, net)
Dead JanitorGlacial Pace (album, net)
don@u.comUnpredictable Standards (album, CD)
DžumelecBrutovce (album, net)
EGANorthward EP (EP, tape + net)
Ensemble 56live in Fuga and Tabačka (CD)
Ensemble 56Live from Opava, Gottfrei (net)
experiMENTALien meets AcidTrasHLong Time Coming (EP, net)
Electric AppleReceive divorce (EP, net)

Electric Apple2 (album, net)
gaLganMedzi Leopoldovom a Červeníkom stojí kríž (EP, net)
Jonáš GruskaЛуна (album, net)
Jonáš Gruska
Vzduchotechnika (album, CD + net)
Hautzinger, Fujak, SőrésLive in Brussels (album, CD)
Jack Hertz & TOTAL E.T.Into The Zone (album, net)
Hlukár / hLukášSPLIT (split, tape + net)
hLukasComputone 2 (EP, net)
Imre Kiss / Casi Cada MinutoA-Sites (album, vinyl + net)

J. B. KladivoDôstojný život v kozme (album, CD)
David KollarAnimal Exitus Performance (album, net)
Miloslav Kollár & Lucas PernyTheatrum Mundi (album, CD + net)
Daniel Kordík / Ed LucasBrushed and Crushed (album, tape + net)
Daniel Kordík / Tobiáš PotočnýINDPORT (album, CD + net)
Slávo KrekovičKurzwellen mit Fragezeichen (composition, radio + net)
mutaHERTZFantastic Planetscapes (album, net)
NITTS & DRÉNMail Collaboration Tape (tape)
Obete sektySekta obetí (album, tape + net)
o /\/\ /\/\Batio Triffids (net)

o /\/\ /\/\Omm (album, tape + net)
PanáčikMrakodrap (EP, net)
PanáčikPostmoderna (album, net)
PentagramčekDruhá platňa (album, CD-R + net)
Marek Piaček / Alexander PlatznerDie Schöne Glenn-Millerin / Blasmusik (CD, net)
PjoniTowns (EP, net)
Prezident LourajderPrvé remixy (album, net)
Rawcvlt / 777 Babalon (split, tape)
RázsochyLive @ A4 – Bratislava [2014-09-05] (album, net)
RentipAspects of an Element (net)

Ružoví kovboji / Bartek – Život je dlhý – svedectvo (split, tape + net)
Samčo, brat dážďoviekAni slovenské, ani nové, ani mesto (album, net)
Samčo, brat dážďoviekmagazín TÍNEJDŽ (album, net)
Secondstroke / Drén Split Tape (split, tape)
Sedem Minút StrachuOvermasonnanizationated Twist (EP, 5″ + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu / Adolf Shitter7″ EP ‎(split, 7″ CD-R + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu / Camphora MonobromataI’m Telling You It’s Not Music It’s Frantic, Frantic Noise (split, 5″ CD-R + net)
Sedem Minút Strachu / Oral ProtectionSplit Tape (split, tape)
Sedem Minút Strachu / Sete Star Sept Split 7″ EP (split, 7″ CD-R + net)
Sedem Supraphon Minút Family Strachu ‎- Hluk Off!! (album, 10’’ EP + net)

Sedem Supraphon Minút Family Strachu
Naživo z Pekla (3” CD-R + net)
Shibuya MotorsFurrows of the Night (EP, net)
Dominik Suchý(london album) (album, CD-R + net)
Sound SleepShape (album, tape + net)
Strom NoirTravel To A Human Heart (EP, tape)
Strom NoirUrban Blues (album, CD)
The Blessed BeatLive in Bologna (album, net)
Theatrum SpirituumAstra (EP, net)
TOTAL E.T.Dimensionalgetic (album, net)
TOTAL E.T.Nebula Of Irrationality Seems Eternal (album, net)

Triple Sun
Overture (album, CD-R + net)
TOTAL E.T.ParadOxymoron (album, CD-R + net)
T.R.I.v.M.L.S.Drone (Deep Immersion mix) (album, net)
V/ACzechoslovak No-Input Mixer Compilation (compilation, net)
ženaŠpinavý dekolt (album, net)


This list is by no means complete – it is a work in progress. Any corrections or suggestions? Please let us know at redakcia (at) 34.sk!

Compiled by Slavo Krekovic / KRAA.SK.


Duo consisting of Acidmilk and Marin.
Long term research project of two, inspired by the feels, spaces and places of rural outskirts of Bratislava, Slovakia, where they reside. sounds of moving cogwheels, covered in acidic grease joined by the sublime, but everpresent hiss of trees, winds of lowlands, reviving the hidden or nonexistent. wine and codeine to ease the pain, gifts of the forest to journey in the unseen.

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Casi Cada Minuto is a one-man project of Slavo Herman from Bratislava, Slovakia, who is also a member of the Noise Konspiracy collective. Casi Cada minuto combines unique sonic textures with ambient landscapes, intervowen with ominous drones, loops and noises. Quite minimalist in nature.

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Noize Konspiracy was founded in 2005 as a split-cd collaboration of GULE TVOJHO FOTRA (uchylord), ŽEBROTA (gorioth) and 0N0 (twisted). The releasing of CDs became a tradition, with new compilations coming out 2 or 3 times a year, motivated by hedonic listening parties following the release.

Each member delivers cca 10 minutes of new material on every compilation. The first NK was almost pure noise / ambient noise with sounds evolving more and more towards music with each release. Genres now include noise rock, noise pop, electronic, ambient, industrial, psychedelia, on the latest NK even pure grind core EP is present. One of the founding members – gorioth – is known for his undying faithfulness to harsh noise.

Attempts at live shows were made, with mixed results – mainly because the strictly improvisational and nihilistic approach. This uncompromising mess is captured at the special live release of NK – Live @ Garage. At the present time, four members of NK have been rehearsing and are ready to play live. Their first official performance, which took place in 13m3 gallery, was recorded and is available for download in the Music section.


founding member; NK projects: AVOIDED, GULE TVOJHO FOTRA
plays synthesizers live

founding member; NK projects: ŽEBROTA, MORDA, BÁDATEL
plays hawaiian guitar and FX boxes live

founding member; NK projects: 0N0, HALLUCINATORY
plays guitar live

casi cada minuto
joined at Volume 4, NK project: CASI CADA MINUTO
sampler programming live


kedilek – joined at Volume 5, NK project: CADILLAC FACE
acidmilk – joined at Volume 6, NK project: SCENT

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