Psychedelic Cirkus – a band founded in the town of Zlate Moravce, Slovakia in 2000 – is currently composed of two band members: Michal_eMPe_Pekar and Tomas_Psy_Gafrik.
At the time of band’s formation, the band followed mainly the philosophy of punk and jazz, and later, since 2004 up to the present time, the band’s major focus is on electroacoustic & experimental music and multimedia.
Since 2000 the project has undergone a considerable change in progressive musical development. Psychedelic Cirkus, which once used to be a band of three musical instruments: bass, drums, guitar, has reached a phase when the production of experimental music is carried out by the means of analogue radio radio art, emission of a variety of sounds from musical instruments and microphone records recorded outside in the street or at home.
Recording and sound production has become characteristic of Psychedelic Cirkus’s original production. From the musical aspect, live performances are based on the philosophy of freedom of expression, the hardness of expression, and trips to new dimensions – and are largely improvised. Psychedelic Cirkus has had several own concerts; we have participated in the electronic music events – mostly drum & bass parties. We have performed along with DJs and cooperated with several musicians. Moreover, we have released a number of samizdat albums and cooperated with the experimental studios of the Slovak Radio.
Between 2003–2008 RED & GREY was a key project which was based exclusively on the cooperation of its two principal members Empe & Psy – this project revealed most the experimental nature of the band. Currently Tomas_Psy_Gafrik is the leader of the project. The band’s production and musical expression involves noise, radio art, ambient, break beat & bass, loops, etc. … all sounds are the output of Psychedelic Cirkus.

presence at:
– ARTs birthday 2007 – studio 5_experimental studio_slovak radio_bratislava /live performance/
– ARTs birthday 2006 – studio 5_experimental studio_slovak radio_bratislava /live performance/
– programme extempore – experimental studio_slovak radio_bratislava /eMPe&Psy 2004/
– programme extempore – experimental studio_slovak radio_bratislava /Psy 2007/
– volanie po projektoch – nulty priestor A4_bratislava 2004 /live performance/

– eMPe_psychedeliccirkus.sk, Drewo_kohmakm.com, Pol_icepol.net, Jazzus_webasis.sk, Kyrowec_myspace.com/kyrowec, experimental studio_radioart.sk, 900piesek_myspace/900piesek, euforion&art of livin_artoflivin.sk, gg&tVar

Psychedelic Cirkus ex-members:
– Michal_eMPe_Pekar – – guitar, sound&video production
– Martin_Pady_Partl – – drums

Psychedelic Cirkus:
– Tomas_Psy_Gafrik – – bass&sound production

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Noise Mortanna (ex-Sperm Boiler) was found on May 2005 by Morth as a one man band project or as I was saying in that time “just for fun stuff”. Later on I recorded a very shitty sounding “Blood, Sperms, Rape, Incest, Postal and more”. Next more-listenable demo was “Help me Im Being Raped”. And the last, never finished demo “Untitled” with only 6 tracks. Old Sperm Boiler sound was mainly electro/techno with pig vox and somewhere bassguitar. This THING was put on ice for a long time, and I was not planning to ressurect it. In Jan 2009 a fellow guy contact me and questioned me “Hey man, you play in a band K-Anal? Do you wanna do some live gig?” (that is the first creation of mine, nowadays I have a vox there and fellow dIGIMURDER makes all the rest, thanks to him, K-Anal can continue.) And I sayed “Nope, we’ve got only few songs.” then we scramble a while, and than it happened, Sperm Boiler has been resuscitated. First live gig was in Jan 2009 and i played old stuff, do a little like-noise-show. Second gig was in March and I played speedcore-extatone-noise-like music. Few days later Sperm Boiler renamed to Noise Mortanna. And now we’re getting to this noise-only point. All the future shows, recordings will be noise only, including performances.

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900piesek is a solo experimental / psychedelic / noise project in searching of the relationships between chaos and linearity, fascinated by clashes of an antipoles and inhumanity. 900piesek is actually a member of Czech-based group of similar freaks Hluková sekce. Some records you can find on labels Glass Anvil, Zvukovina or Crater Records, or on the netlabels such as Smell the Stench, Test Tube, This Plague of Dreaming and Date With a Corpse.

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Casi Cada Minuto is a one-man project of Slavo Herman from Bratislava, Slovakia, who is also a member of the Noise Konspiracy collective. Casi Cada minuto combines unique sonic textures with ambient landscapes, intervowen with ominous drones, loops and noises. Quite minimalist in nature.

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New album of live recordings by Voice Over Noise, the ‘live plunderphonic’ trio from Bratislava, is out now on Divis. It mostly features material identical to live concert programme performed by the band over the last 3 years, but much of it is also based on live improvisations. Recorded in stereo, no overdubs.

There are also couple of nice pictures from the show at the release party @ A4 – Zero Space (featuring also DJ Sniff and the trio SKIF++ from Amsterdam).

Listen to some mp3s from the album here:

Aria Courtesy Of
O Art, Where Art Thou?

For mailorders, promo copies and distribution please contact distribucia(at)34.sk.


Voice Over Noise will play at EuroArt Festival in Bratislava at Hlavne namestie (Main Square).



Noize Konspiracy was founded in 2005 as a split-cd collaboration of GULE TVOJHO FOTRA (uchylord), ŽEBROTA (gorioth) and 0N0 (twisted). The releasing of CDs became a tradition, with new compilations coming out 2 or 3 times a year, motivated by hedonic listening parties following the release.

Each member delivers cca 10 minutes of new material on every compilation. The first NK was almost pure noise / ambient noise with sounds evolving more and more towards music with each release. Genres now include noise rock, noise pop, electronic, ambient, industrial, psychedelia, on the latest NK even pure grind core EP is present. One of the founding members – gorioth – is known for his undying faithfulness to harsh noise.

Attempts at live shows were made, with mixed results – mainly because the strictly improvisational and nihilistic approach. This uncompromising mess is captured at the special live release of NK – Live @ Garage. At the present time, four members of NK have been rehearsing and are ready to play live. Their first official performance, which took place in 13m3 gallery, was recorded and is available for download in the Music section.


founding member; NK projects: AVOIDED, GULE TVOJHO FOTRA
plays synthesizers live

founding member; NK projects: ŽEBROTA, MORDA, BÁDATEL
plays hawaiian guitar and FX boxes live

founding member; NK projects: 0N0, HALLUCINATORY
plays guitar live

casi cada minuto
joined at Volume 4, NK project: CASI CADA MINUTO
sampler programming live


kedilek – joined at Volume 5, NK project: CADILLAC FACE
acidmilk – joined at Volume 6, NK project: SCENT

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Slavo Krekovic – electronics
Miro Toth – soprano and alto saxophone, vocal, electronics

Special guests:
Andrej Gál – cello
ddkern – drums
ciikaal – drums

‘The demands from users have often contradicted engineering possibilities. However, once the targets became clear, we, SHIBUYA, have made every effort to knuckle down to achieve them. The keyword is “NO COMPROMISE” believing that we can overcome the difficulties without sacrificing anything.’

Unce upon a time… somewhere between free jazz mountains, sea of death metal and islands of live electronics… there were SHIBUYA MOTORS! Free improvised electro-acoustic music project closely related to ATRAKT ART label (organizer of the NEXT festival of advanced music in Bratislava), established in 2007 by Slavo Krekovic and Miro Toth, who are also members of other experimental ensembles (Musica falsa et ficta, Voice Over Noise, Frutti di Mare, Q30J666222, Kapela snů, Uran Uran, DJ Hamborgarafabrikkan).

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Urbanfailure is a solo project of Michal Lichy. The style of Urbanfailure is ultra-abstract sound-art consisting of microsounds and discreet rhythm textures. Despite the fact that this isn’t meant to be catchy, there are something quite cool about the rhythmic structures of Urbanfailure. Very cold but also hypnotizing thanks to the complex pallet of strange noises coming in and out during playtime.

Live noise deconstruction while structure construction, synthesis of feelings and realization where concept is also a way to use sound as opinion.

Urbanfailure is a one man project… He started to explore electronic sound fields in 1996 via computer and Impulse Tracker in 1997 he recorded his first tape called ‘Try It’. As he started to play live he moved from computer based setup to HW. Actual setup is based on synths, drum machine and pedals.

Member of Slovakian Urbsounds Collective and Vermin party crew.

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Members: Slavo Krekovic, Marek Piacek, Oliver Rehak (laptops, electronics)

VOICE OVER NOISE is a trio of laptop musicians from Bratislava. They create sample collages out of “stolen footage” material, instantly building a unique puzzle out of bits of our common past and present. Flow of unpredictable situations where Madonna meets Edgar Varèse, old computer game music sound together with the phragments of J.S.Bach’s. Voice Over Noise are the live Recycle Bin of our pop culture: noisy, energetic, sometimes funny, but also sentimental refreshment of our collective memory.

“VOICE OVER NOISE czyli trio w składzie Slavo Krekovic, Marek Piacek, Oliver Rehak, to kolektyw elektronicznych improwizatorów. Wszyscy trzej używają komputerów oraz syntezatorów i innych urządzeń. Piacek studiował w konserwatorium, Krekovic i Rehak są muzykami, dziennikarzami, muzykologami i kuratorami artystycznych wydarzeń w Bratysławie. Połączyło ich poszukiwanie eksperymentalnych form wyrazu, które kanalizują w kolektywnej improwizacji łączącej wiele wątków z szerokiego spektrum muzyki elektronicznej i konkretnej.” – Musica Genera Festival, Poland


O Art, Where Art Thou? A new album by Voice Over Noise, the ‘live plunderphonic’ trio from Bratislava, is out now on Divis Slovakia (2010), distributed by Atrakt Art. It features mostly material identical to live concert programme performed by the band over the past 3 years, but much of it is also based on live improvisations. Recorded in stereo, no overdubs.

Voice Over Noise track “And You are Asking What About Me” appeared on Short Circuit compilation (Music Centre Slovakia, 2010).


@ Heavy Mental, Fleda, Brno (8.4.2008) / Tribute To Falco

@ Pohoda Festival 2008 (Kdyz se podari / If We Could Make It Happen)

@ Zilina Conservatory Hall 2009 (Voice Over Noise)

Voice Over Noise interview (in Czech/Slovak)
Album review in A2 magazine (Czech)

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