Experimental / avant-garde / cutting-edge / advanced songwriting / improvised / post-genre / contemporary classical / outer limits records of 2013 by Slovak musicians:

900piesek – my blood is your wine
Aidan Zaal – Posthumanist Love
Andrej Danóczi – 13 0410
Andrej Danóczi – Krajina bez bieleho bicykla
Andrej Danóczi – Mandragora 1
Angakkut – Unshaped Unspoken
András Cséfalvay – Funeral the Musical and another tabletop opera
Binmatu – Crystylys
Burlas / Kladivo / Zagar feat. Marcela Derevencová – Čierny film
Brada – Dextrin
Daniel Kordík – [Sy][ria]
Drén – …A Anna Naše Svedomie Nebude Čisté
Herzog Herzog – Sitzfleisch.
Jack Jack – Jack Jack 001 + 002
Jacques Kustod – Hit The Lights (reel to real)
Jonáš Gruska – Солнце
Jonáš Gruska – CAA#9
Jonáš Gruska – Site Specific Resonances II
J. B. Kladivo – Nekonečno neostré je z dvier
Martin Burlas – Konečne plač
Noise Mortanna / Phantasm Nocturnes – Two Ways Of Pain Part 20
OMM – */
Phragments – New Kings and New Queens
Poo – Sounds of Mana (Chapters 03-09)
Rentip – Daily Routines
Rentip – Football Faust – original soundtrack
Strom Noir / Spheruleus – Morning
Strom Noir – Tanec Rusaliek
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – SLOBODNY NEZAVISLY ALBUM
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – živšie to už nebude
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – S.W.A.G.
Samčo, brat dážďoviek – Európske hlavné épéčko kultúry
.soundscapes – Tides of Voltage
Stroon – Impermanence
Škvíry & Spoje – Stanica Žilina-Záriečie
Škvíry & Spoje – FonoKlub
Theatrum Spirituum / 777 Babalon – Metacosmic SPLIT
THE S.I.F.O.R.K. – Never Ending Circle Of Inspiration
Totalitny Rezim – Koncert v Praze
Totalitny Rezim – Closed Ward Memories
T.R.I.v.M. – Kiss Of Psychosy
T.R.I.v.M. – Signals
T.R.I.v.M. – Nonseances
Udokier / Noise Mortanna / Taklamakan
Veni Academy – Rolling tones
VooDooMan – Voices from Antidimension
YAO91404D / DRÉN
Zelený Antoin – Zelený Antoin

Compiled by Slavo Krekovic / KRAA.SK.


Noise saxophone duo and series of conceptual live performances by the composers and sax players Miro Toth and Alexander Platzner, sometimes with theatrical elements.

“They say music is dead. Yes, indeed!

My Live Evil is what it is—pure live evil. An iconoclastic duet of saxophones that proves there is still a lot of music to be smashed down.
Platzner and Tóth are wild; they come with decadence rarely seen. Indulging themselves in evil destruction, they give the audience what they came for.
My Live Evil puts together free improvisation, dead recordings of the East European pop music, invasive estrade, and totalitarian intimidation while geometrically multiplying the saxophone layers.
It all started with Platzner and Tóth playing with the accompaniment by Arturas Bumsteinas (launched this year as an eponymous MC by Nomad Sky Diaries). The recent recordings (Hier beginnt der Holokaust, Hergott is not dead, the same label) feature four and sixteen layers of pre−recorded saxophones, respectively and the long − awaited fourth session PRORA in the POLE is to include two hundred and fifty − six saxophone layers.
What is it all good for? Platzner and Tóth found how the music can have a psycho−hallucinogenic effect on the audience. They found out how the music can be painful. They are evil; they are your live evil.”

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Dunkeltherapie is a group project led by the composer and improviser Miro Toth.

Dunkeltherapie feat. Martin Burlas

Martin Burlas – vocal, electronics
Miro Tóth – soprano saxophone
Peter Čaputa – bass guitar
Jano Oriško – drumms

CD album The End has been released on Atrakt Art (2011).

Dunkeltherapie II has various formations:

Milan Paľa – violin
Andrej Gál – cello
Petr Vrba – trúbka, klarinet, elektronika
Miroslav Tóth – vocals, alto sax, composition


Irene Kepl – violin
Petr Vrba – trumpet, electronics
Andrej Gál – cello
Michal Matejka – el. guitar
Miro Tóth – vocals, alto sax

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tEóRia OtraSu is an occasional improvisational project led by Julo Fujak, founded in 2000.
Its members have included, among others:

Julo Fujak – drums, distorted voice, piano, semi-prepared piano, bowed cimbalom, bass drum
David Šubík – trombone, kid keyboard
Tomáš Havlíček – bassguitar
Pavel Magnusek – trumpet
Peter Varsavik – el. guitar
Jan Kavan – cello
Petra Klementová – flute
Edgard Mojdl – percussion
DJ Fero – turntable
Lucia Vadelová – voice, violin
Martin Kalinka – electric double-bass

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He studied flute at the Bratislava Conservatory (1986–1992) with Dagmar Zsapková, but his ongoing interest in unusual performance techniques led him to study composition, at first privately with Ladislav Burlas (1986–1988), from 1989 with Ilja Zeljenka, and at the Academy of Music and Drama with the same teacher (1990–1995). Zeljenka encouraged Piaček’s interest in experimental art, and thus hastened his disassociation with traditional forms (String Quartet, 1989). During his studies he began working in the Experimental Studio of the Slovak Radio, where he produced Flauto dolce ’91 (1991, in collaboration with Juraj Ďuriš). Piaček attended several training courses and seminars (Boswil – 1990–1991; Nottingham Trent University – Kevin Jones, 1993; Akademie für Neue Musik – Boguslaw Schaeffer, Marek Chołoniewski, 1996). He is co-founder of Middle-Class Chamber Orchestra Požoň Sentimental and collaborated with ensembles Musica falsa et ficta, Mio-Mio, Piaček-Pavelka-Michalec, Brass Band Štós, Voise Over Noise, Audiobratia, Pink Big Pig, don@u.com, POVAŽAN, Frutti di Mare, Tuleň, VENI ensemble, VENI Academy, VAPORI del CUORE, Son-Drian, Upokojenci, Gourounaki Project.

Piaček’s music was featured at Warsaw Autumn (i. e. commissioned work “Happy Mainstream”), Wien Modern, Wiener Festwochen, Melos-Ethos, Evenings of New Music, Musica Danubiana Ljubljana, Bratislava Music Festival, KioSK festival Žilina, Fest Anča Žilina, 4 živly Banská Štiavnica, Festival of Nice Music Banská Štiavnica, New-New Festival Brno, New Slovak Music festival, Exposition of New Music Brno, on many concerts at home and abroad. He performed improvised music with musicians like Nick Collins, David Dramm, Hilary Jeffrey, Ann LaBerge, Beth Griffith, Jean-Marc Montera, Günter Müller, Chris Newmann, John Oswald, Otomo Yoshihide, Jon Rose, Miki Skuta, Daan Vandevalle, Marián Varga, Elliot Sharp, Alfred Zimmerlin, and others.

Presently he is active as a composer, performer (flute, laptop), lecturer (soundart), organizer of contemporary music events.

In his music Piaček exploits elements of every-day life and culture, allusions to pop-music, he re-creates (re-composes) music all around us, music of the past…

In Piaček’s eyes, and in his works, rather, art is a culture-creating activity, giving him space, where something neutral, even trivial, aggressive (bad) is changed into something good, better, of greater value – briefly, something what makes sense.

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hLukas is a solo project of Lukas Sigmund (aka Morda, Morda Noise System, Total Trash etc.). Faithful to his so-called MORDA NOISE SYSTEM consisting of many cheap, old and rather ugly FX boxes and whatever mess he can buy, find or create, his recordings vary between sarcastically demented tunes and harsh noise. He often collaborates with his friend RBNX, a pioneer of Slovak nihilistic noise scene. He also released some nonconformist material under the names BÁDATEĽ [explorer], BABRÁK [inept], GALGAN [miscreant], (HELLO) MORDA and SIGI TOBIÁŠ (collaboration with RBNX). He is also a member of the collectives Noize Konspiracy and Hlukova sekce.

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Electro-acoustic ambient and noise music group LEaD are:

Lenka Novosedlikova – clarinet, percussions, vocals
Marian Zavarsky – processing, keyboards
Matus Wiedermann – sampling, keyboards

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This Slovak (currently Czech/Slovak) band was established in the early 1990s. The early experiments later led to ultimate death-industrial sound which brought Einleitungszeit status one of genre top-classics. Longtime original set-up changed in 1999 when P-01 (Patryc Cyber) was replaced by hallucinatory throat of Czech mamber Martin Jarolim (from VO.I.D). P-01 capitulated and still dedicates himself to his solo project Simulacrvm which debut CD Zevgma was released two years ago on Old Europa Café.

After many releases are Einleitungszeit well-known worldwide nowadays and their live performances have been seen by audiences not only in Slovakia and Czechia but also in Poland and Germany – with more then positive reaction and successful acceptance. Besides Polish tour are also planned the European and American ones for 2001 (Fire Martyr US Tour).

The very first tapes Die Menschzerstörung, Menschliche Destruktive Zivilisation and Kremation
Gesch-Lechtslos were released by Slovak Crewzine. This material was followed by LP Aus dem Laboratorium on German Art Konkret label. Another release L´accouchement des machines humaines was realized on Finnish label Freak Animal. Afterwards American cult Recalcitrant Noise took care about this project and the results were two vinyl albums R Mensch I Tanatologie (2lp) and Aus der Leichenkammer which was censored on Slovakia because of quite shocking and unacceptable cover.

During 1999 was recorded and released first Einleitungszeit CD Doba uvodu, unfortunately after split of the original set-up and leaving of Patrick. This could be called as a truly memento of the „old time Einleitungszeit”. First Einleitungszeit video release Schrei des Feuers (organic live performance 1999) was released on ars morta universum on the eve of 1999 and the second one Hirnlarm (inhuman solarized vision of live performance from 1997)on the same label a year later.

Now different labels plan re-releases of mentioned older stuff – Die Menschzerstörung CD should be released on Black Plagve, LP Menschliche Destruktive Zivilisation should appear in the catalogue of Recalcitrant Noise and LP / CD Kremation Gesch-Lechtslos will be put out by ars morta universum.

Einleitungszeit live actions are very intense, often described as „negative or destructive”, but they have more common with ecstasy when R-01 uses grinder directly on his chest (protected only with thin metal plate) or burning his hands with asbestos gloves or grinding an iron band around his neck.Sometimes, these emanations of joy could not be left without a harm; R-01 was burned or hit by electricity for many times.

The sound is absorbing, clear and powerful. Forty minutes of their stage storm brings ecstasy and feelings of transformation through sound, spirit and fire. The imagery of master-slave relationship, the embodiment of human alienation, those are information transmitted by the cyber-apostles for the next century, for hybrids and clons century.

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…lesom is a colaborative live ambient/noise/power electronics project, connecting three musicians – Noise Mortanna, 900piesek and Drén.

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Acidmilk – synthesizers, helicon, vocals
Avoided – guitar, violin, drum machine, vocals
Hlukas – fx boxes, various sound generators

Charming Assistant is an experimental noise/ambient band from Bratislava, Slovakia. Acidmilk and Avoided are the core band members, with frequent help from hLukas of the famous Morda Noise System. Relentless walls of electronic noise are combined with heavily effected instruments which include violin, didgeridoo, helicon from a vacuum cleaner and sparse use of vocals and demented chaotic screams. They have a couple of minimalistic recordings, but they prefer playing live, for the most part improvised performances coupled with absurd video projections.

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