Ink Midget is the solo project of Adam Matej (ex-Tucan, Ink Midget & Pjoni, Musica falsa et ficta, Frutti di Mare, …).

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Members: Slavo Krekovic, Marek Piacek, Oliver Rehak (laptops, electronics)

VOICE OVER NOISE is a trio of laptop musicians from Bratislava. They create sample collages out of “stolen footage” material, instantly building a unique puzzle out of bits of our common past and present. Flow of unpredictable situations where Madonna meets Edgar Varèse, old computer game music sound together with the phragments of J.S.Bach’s. Voice Over Noise are the live Recycle Bin of our pop culture: noisy, energetic, sometimes funny, but also sentimental refreshment of our collective memory.

“VOICE OVER NOISE czyli trio w składzie Slavo Krekovic, Marek Piacek, Oliver Rehak, to kolektyw elektronicznych improwizatorów. Wszyscy trzej używają komputerów oraz syntezatorów i innych urządzeń. Piacek studiował w konserwatorium, Krekovic i Rehak są muzykami, dziennikarzami, muzykologami i kuratorami artystycznych wydarzeń w Bratysławie. Połączyło ich poszukiwanie eksperymentalnych form wyrazu, które kanalizują w kolektywnej improwizacji łączącej wiele wątków z szerokiego spektrum muzyki elektronicznej i konkretnej.” – Musica Genera Festival, Poland


O Art, Where Art Thou? A new album by Voice Over Noise, the ‘live plunderphonic’ trio from Bratislava, is out now on Divis Slovakia (2010), distributed by Atrakt Art. It features mostly material identical to live concert programme performed by the band over the past 3 years, but much of it is also based on live improvisations. Recorded in stereo, no overdubs.

Voice Over Noise track “And You are Asking What About Me” appeared on Short Circuit compilation (Music Centre Slovakia, 2010).


@ Heavy Mental, Fleda, Brno (8.4.2008) / Tribute To Falco

@ Pohoda Festival 2008 (Kdyz se podari / If We Could Make It Happen)

@ Zilina Conservatory Hall 2009 (Voice Over Noise)

Voice Over Noise interview (in Czech/Slovak)
Album review in A2 magazine (Czech)

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Improvisation Symphonic Orchestra based in Bratislava (since 2006).

Conservative principles in music are often described as dead. But musically dead can also be the Describer, practically the one, that complains about the actual state of music. So who is really dead? The answer to this question will be given by histories in the future. We are actually too young to give answers to such questions, but our goal is to bring perhaps just a bit of light by our improvised music into the problem.

Musica falsa et ficta practices conducted collective improvisation. It is a group of about 25 young musicians, mostly studying at the State Conservatory and at the Academy of Music in Bratislava, plus guests. Each of these musicians brings his own personal view of music into the proces of improvisation. We try to combine music created by classical instruments with electronics (laptops, effects, …) and we move on the edge of composition, improvisation and interpretation in real time.

Members: Andrea Babjaková – violin, Peter Ferienčík – violin, Michaela – viola, Jonatán Pastirčák – cello, electronics, Pavol Kušík – double bass, Peter Duchnický – flute, Veronika Vitázková – flute, piccola, Martina Kuštarová – flute, Marek Piaček – conducting, Šimon Lupták – movement, Lucia Chuťková – clarinet, voice, Paulína Rónaiová – oboe, Tomáš Rak – bassoon, Alexander Platzner – alto saxophone, bass clarinet, Miro Tóth – alto saxophone, Juraj Miškovič – horn, Martin Krížik – horn, voice, Róbert Kolář – horn, Jozef Gorel – perkussions, Ján Oriško – drums, Lenka Novosedlíková – piano, xylophone, bells, František Király – piano, Janko Brtka – accordeon, Slávo Krekovič – el. guitar, synth, Oliver Rehák – el. guitar, rbnx – electronics

Daniel Matej – Structures, Pages and Improvisations / excerpt

Seijiro Murayama – 69(2)72(2)18(2)43(2)5(1)8549(2)6327(2)1(1)312(2)587(2)946(2) / excerpt

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